Why People Love KOBEE’S

Pocket-sized change for good with sustainable, all-natural products.

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1. Made by KOBE, not some Big Corporation

All of KOBEES products are handmade by humans at our warehouse in Las Vegas, Nevada— not by robots or machines. On all of our socials, you can watch the waxes getting poured and labels being added. We’ve got nothing to hide— no secret additives, just good lip balm. Our personal touch means you get consistently great products every time you buy.

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2. No Plastic

We think sustainable products should come in sustainable packages. That’s why we use compostable packaging with low-waste shipping materials. No product is designed to last forever, so why should its packaging? Unlike competitor’s plastic tubes, when you finish your lip balm you can remove the label and toss it in some soil for it to break down.

3. Extremely Smooth & Hydrating

KOBEES is made with quality ingredients that actually help your lips. A beeswax base with oils and butters that hydrate and don’t dry out. Our goal is for you to use and forget, not to think about re-applying every 5 minutes because your product continues to dry out your lips.

4. An Easy Way to Start Living Sustainably, One Balm at a Time

So many products are not only packaged unsustainably but also thrown out when they don’t work. Why not opt for something that actually works and can help make a change? Our short and squat chubby tubes are a small way for you to take a big step that leads to change. Ditching plastic for compostable packaging might not seem like much, but one small change can make all the difference. 

5. Only 4 Simple Ingredients

KOBEES is made with 4 SIMPLE ingredients. 

   1. Beeswax

   2. Sunflower Seed Oil 

   3. Coconut Oil 

   4. Mango Butter 

These are ingredients you can find in your backyard or at your local grocery store. There’s no fillers or chemicals to dry out your lips. Just simple ingredients that are great for your skin.

6. Wherever You Go, KOBEES Goes Too!

KOBEES is great for all occasions, whether it’s a long hike, a day at the gym, on top of a mountain, or even at the beach. KOBEES small profile makes it perfect to take anywhere when you’re on the go! Even if you sadly happen to lose your tube on your journey, the compostable packaging can make you feel better that it’s not another abandoned lip balm tube on the side of the road contributing to plastic pollution.

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7. We Give Back!

Not only are our products better for bodies and the planet, but a portion of every KOBEES purchase gives back as well. When you purchase a KOBEES product a small percentage of the profit is allocated to ocean cleanup, tree restoration, and air pollution cleanup. By supporting KOBEES you are also supporting these three great causes.

The Alliance for the Great Lakes

One Tree Planted

Our Children's Earth Foundation  

Ready to change the World?

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