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My name is Kobe Harris, I'm a sophomore at Loyola University Chicago. I came up with the idea for kobees at the end of second semester freshman year, right before we all left for summer break. It started out as just a name to put on the chapstick a friend and I planned on creating. Since then it has become way more than that. Loyola has been known for its impact in environmental sustainability and that has since stuck with me and has really shaped the way I try to run Kobees. At first all I wanted to do was make high quality products and be able to give back some of my profits to the environment due to the recent increased awareness in climate crisis. I then realized that wouldn't be enough, everyday now I feel like I am seeing something on the news or social media that is negative about the environment. Either that plastic is building up in the oceans and landfills, coral reefs and whole ecosystems in the oceans are dying, greenhouse gases are on the rise due to increased human consumption, constant fires, and record high temperatures across the country.
I needed to change the way I thought about business and how I wanted to run mine. To start off I have gone away from creating chapstick that was in plastic tubes and have made the switch to use aluminum tins instead. Completely plastic free and have the ability to be recycled and reused more effectively than their plastic counterpart. I have also started testing to use all cardboard tins and tubes which will be recyclable and compostable if you have access to that.
I have been trying to partner with local beekeepers so I can locally source beeswax for my products and not have to ship things by air or boat which are equally bad for the environment. I am constantly looking to build relationship with organizations that have to do with bettering the environment. I eventually plan on having kobees volunteer events starting locally
I want to give people a reason to care about the environment and make them feel like they are making an impact. By purchasing just one tin you are already giving back to the environment.

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  • This is absolutely hands down the best lip conditioning product I have ever used!. It’s silky, buttery, texture feels like I bathed my lips in a velvet blanket. I kinda like this stuff , so I use it throughout the day, but I would recommend using after shower in am, and definitely before bed. I have the peppermint balm, and it is just the write amount. It’s refreshing,.soothing and delicious all at the same time. My lips are so soft and hydrated. I’m an aesthetian ( thanks to this smart boys mom, who encouraged me to pursue this career) and hydration, quality and it’s effectiveness is important to me. I promise! You will be so pleased with these balms. I have all of the products and love them all but appreciate the tubes. Go order! It’s the best $7 you’ll ever spend.

    Jess Carter

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