We believe that too many businesses are able to produce and produce without any repercussions as to what to their products after their lifecycle. Whether they claim to be eco-friendly or not. Without proper education or infrastructure for disposal of products it won’t matter what your product is, whether it's a compostable phone case, upcycled bracelet ect.. We want to change that, change the mindset of consumers and big businesses. With just a small lip balm. Kobees.  

To explain a little bit about my brand beyond the Lip balm, I want our business to be responsible for what it produces. I feel like today more than ever businesses are able to produce and produce with no consequences as to what happens to the waste left behind. And we as consumers are stuck to blame for the messes they have made. 


Not only do I want to make high-quality sustainable chapstick in the sense of just packaging. Our business is going to go the extra mile to take responsibility for what we create. This is also why I am very interested in your book! At least what I read from the summary, living smaller and simpler can lead to sustainability for the environment and our wellbeing. As we continue to grow as a business I want to have a similar mindset in reducing as much as I can while growing at the same time. 


Kobees was made on the love for bees and nature, and comes with that is trying to be eco-conscious in all things we do.