Feeling Good


Feeling Good

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Turn grey days into great days with Feeling Good's bright and uplifting goodies for the skin. Made with bright and refreshing ingredients like Mango butter and, beeswax. Feeling Good isn't just a name, it's a motto at KOBEES. This bundle includes 4 lips balm. 2 Beeswax flavored and 2 Mai Tai flavored. Also includes our signature Honey Lip Scrub. 

LIP BALMS: The best way to heal cracked, chapped lips is with vitamin E and mango butter. This delicious creamy balm is the perfect set for men, women, and kids. Revitalize your smile with our light eco-friendly lip balm. Our lip balm is beeswax-based with moisturizers to take your lips from "ow" to "wow."

FLAVORS: 2 Beeswax, 2 Mai Tai 

LIP SCRUB: Kobee’s Lip Scrub naturally exfoliates and smooths dry, chapped lips. Made with sugar to gently scrub away dry skin and sweet almond oil, beeswax, honey, and vitamin E to nourish and hydrate.

FLAVOR: Honey Lip Scrub



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